2023 B2B Mission to Turkey

African Women in Energy and Power (AWEaP) is at the forefront of empowering African women entrepreneurs in the energy sector. Through strategic partnerships with global event organizers, AWEaP has created a unique platform that enables African women energy entrepreneurs to learn about existing and emerging technologies sought after by large power users and electricity utilities. This inclusive approach encompasses both renewable and non-renewable energy technologies, positioning AWEaP as a catalyst for knowledge exchange, business growth, and sustainable development in Africa’s energy landscape.

Sharing and Learning Opportunities:

AWEaP’s value proposition lies in its commitment to fostering knowledge sharing and continuous learning among African women entrepreneurs in the energy and power sector. By partnering with global event organizers, AWEaP creates opportunities for African women entrepreneurs to gain insights into the latest technologies and industry trends. Through conferences, workshops, and seminars, AWEaP facilitates the transfer of knowledge and expertise, equipping women entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to embrace innovation and adapt to evolving market dynamics.

Global Networks and Partnerships:

AWEaP recognizes the significance of networks and partnerships in driving business growth and enhancing market access. By collaborating with global event organizers, AWEaP connects African women entrepreneurs with a diverse range of stakeholders, including industry leaders, investors, technology providers, and policymakers. These connections foster mutually beneficial partnerships, enabling African women entrepreneurs to expand their networks, explore new markets, and access potential sources of funding and investment. AWEaP’s value proposition lies in its ability to bridge the gap between African women entrepreneurs and the global energy ecosystem, unlocking a world of opportunities.

“Africa’s clean technology (clean tech) space is yet to produce any ‘unicorns’ (privately held start-up companies valued at over $1bn) like its financial technology (fintech) counterparts, but investor excitement is palpable.”

Rolake Akinkugbe-Filani
Chief Commercial Officer, Mixta Africa (ARM Group).

Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Technologies:

AWEaP understands the importance of embracing a diverse energy mix to meet Africa’s growing energy demands. AWEaP’s platform offers African women entrepreneurs exposure to a wide range of technologies, encompassing both renewable and non-renewable energy sources. By providing insights into these technologies, AWEaP enables entrepreneurs to make informed decisions about adopting clean and sustainable energy solutions while considering the unique energy requirements of their respective markets. AWEaP’s value proposition lies in its holistic approach, empowering women entrepreneurs to contribute to a balanced and resilient energy ecosystem in Africa.

“We must emphasise that multiple pathways can and must progress in parallel; and that, for a climate-positive, nature-positive, wellbeing-positive future, a better quality of intergenerational dialogue, which includes new voices in the present and new approaches to moving all forward despite differences, is needed.”

Angela Wilkinson, Secretary
General & CEO at World Energy Council

Women's Voices and Leadership:

AWEaP recognizes the transformative power of women’s voices and leadership in shaping the energy sector. By providing a platform specifically designed for African women entrepreneurs, AWEaP promotes gender equality and inclusivity in the energy industry. By amplifying women’s voices and showcasing their accomplishments, AWEaP challenges gender stereotypes and paves the way for increased representation and decision-making power for women in the energy sector. AWEaP’s value proposition lies in its commitment to fostering an inclusive and equitable energy landscape that harnesses the full potential of African women entrepreneurs.

“Amplifying women’s voices on energy solutions for Africa and solutions to climate change designed by Africans for Africans is not just about inclusivity; it’s about unleashing the power of diversity, innovation, and resilience to create a sustainable and prosperous future for our continent.”

Ms Bertha Dlamini
Founding President AWEaP

AWEaP’s value proposition is centered around empowering African women entrepreneurs in energy and power. By partnering with global event organizers, AWEaP provides unparalleled opportunities for knowledge sharing, access to networks and partnerships, and exposure to both renewable and non-renewable energy technologies. Through its initiatives, AWEaP is driving economic growth, fostering innovation, and advancing gender equality in Africa’s energy sector. With AWEaP’s unwavering commitment, African women entrepreneurs are well-positioned to contribute to a sustainable and prosperous energy future for the continent.