Supporting women entrepreneurs in Power and Energy and providing enabling tools for effective participation, will ensure that women have a chance to share in the project space facilitated by power pools.

“Women have the appetite, resilience and fortitude to participate as entrepreneurs in the African Energy Sector” 
Bertha Dlamini – President AWEaP

Creating a cohort of women entrepreneurs in the energy sector will enable partnerships to forge, building consortiums across countries that will be better positioned to participate in cross-border power/ energy projects.

Women entrepreneurs in Power and Energy provide deep insights into their respective sectors.

The Vocational Accelerator brings diverse experiences and contexts to a forum where peers are exploring pragmatic solutions. It provides a dynamic platform for building lifelong networks for continued information sharing and collaboration and also facilitates cross-border trading.

Facilitated peer-to-peer learning will enable solutions to be built organically and aggregate efforts and expertise. Advocates of peer learning contend that people embarking on market reforms can learn from peers who are also going through (or have experienced) similar reforms or challenges.

AWEaP has a strategic relationship with African Leadership University ( where the vocational accelerator for women entrepreneurs in energy will be delivered.



Master classes will be delivered by the following stakeholders.
The 6 months course will cover the following topics: