500 women entrepreneurs by 2023

African Women in Energy and Power



African Women in Energy and Power (AWEaP) is a Non-profit company established to accelerate African women entrepreneurs’ participation in the Power and Energy sector.

Eradicate Energy Poverty

AWEaP is premised on the conviction that to eradicate energy poverty on the African continent, Africa needs commercially viable, multi-stakeholder driven initiatives that will ensure the meaningful economic participation of women.


Women have a powerful legacy of navigating the African business terrain with its complex challenges; they have successfully operated sustainable informal enterprises.

Their track record

for cross-border trade has proved that they are both courageous and innovative in finding solutions to address local socio-economic challenges.

Targeted Countries

"Diversity is not only nice to have; there’s a business case for it......

… We strongly believe that, both in the public and private sector, we must have leadership bodies that reflect the societies they live in, for better, more sustainable, long-term results,”

Vanessa Moungar,
director of the African Development Bank’s gender, women and civil society department; and 2018 Forbes Afrique’s Top 100 under 40  https://www.bizcommunity.com/Article/196/693/183756.html

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Exploring emerging entrepreneurial opportunities in the evolving energy sector.

9 December 2021


Let’s support women founders and entrepreneurs in the energy and power sector on the continent

We are the bridge between opportunity seekers and opportunity enablers and opportunity creators. We are both participants in the sector and partners to sector players.

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