Power and Electricity World Africa Show

In 2018, AWEaP signed an MOU with the Power and Electricity World Show Africa 2019.

Power and Electricity World Africa (PEWA) is one of Africa’s largest and longest running power and electricity show. Over the past 22 years, it has helped shape the regional energy market by creating a credible platform where stakeholders can share knowledge and trends. This event is renowned for curating content that educates the energy market on developments, innovations, and policy. International players, in the power and electricity sector,have enjoyed influential meetings and engagement forums at the show.


The show has hosted utilities such as Eskom, STEG, Nampower, Zesco, KenGen, Tanesco, EDM, GridCo, Electricity Company of Ghana, TCN, VRA, ENE Ethiopian, Electric Power, CEET, SNEL, Senelec, Sonabel, Nigelec, and GRIDco.  In 2018, PEWA hosted 40 African countries.


Endorsed by three of the biggest Power Pools on the continent, PEWA brings together thousands of executives, business leaders and decision makers across,a premium stakeholder base that is difficult to reach even for the most seasoned entrepreneurs.


AWEaPwill deliver the Women in Energy Seminar within the Power and Electricity World Africa Show. An estimated 200 women in energy and power will explore challenges in the sector and agree on actions to be taken to collapse barriers against the participation of women within the sector.


Through this symbiotic relationship, The Power and Electricity World Africa show will grow new arteries of growth, attracting a young audience seeking opportunities in the fields of delivering sustainable energy solutions for the continent.



AWEaP is supported by Women in Africa- Initiative, the first international platform dedicated to the economic development and support of leading and high potential African women. https://wia-initiative.com/en/


Access to electricity presents a huge challenge for the African continent; it also presents an unparalleled opportunity for transformative change for women.

AWEaP has a partnership with the following hubs that will play an active role in supporting and coaching women entrepreneurs: