Meet our Board of Directors

The AWEaP Advisory Board Members play a crucial role in guiding the strategic direction and ensuring the effectiveness of AWEaP’s initiatives in promoting women’s empowerment and advancement in the energy and power sectors. Comprising esteemed experts and thought leaders from various fields related to energy, gender equality, policy, and advocacy, the Advisory Board provides valuable insights, expertise, and counsel to inform decision-making processes within AWEaP.

AWEaP relies on its advisory board members for strategic advice, capacity to identify emerging trends and challenges, and support in devising innovative solutions to address the barriers hindering women’s full participation and leadership in the energy industry.

We are previledged to leverage their extensive knowledge, networks, and influence. The Advisory Board play a pivotal role in guiding AWEaP to design interventions that target  systemic change, shape policies, foster partnerships, and advance the organization’s mission towards creating a more inclusive and equitable energy landscape.

Bertha Dlamini

Ms. Bertha

President: AWEaP Chief Creator
and Group CEO of Rito Group
South Africa
Lebogang Chaka - AWEaP web

Ms. Lebogang

Afro Visionary Legacy
South Africa

Ms. Zola

Energy Infrastructure
South Africa
Shiphra Chisha - AWEaP_website

Ms. Shiphra

President SADC
- Women in Business & Advisory Professional, Africa
South Africa