AWEaP Channel Partner Programme

This is a  programme designed  to recruit and train women owned and managed energy & power companies to become channel for technologies, products, renewable energy solutions and systems in their domestic markets

Our ambition is to create a database of credible suppliers for the energy and power sector and the global supply chains of OEMs operating in the Renewable Energy and Green Tech Sectors in South Africa and the African Continent.

As energy revolutions takes place across the globe, more and more OEMs want to capture emerging opportunities. However, this requires extensive investment in market development and market intelligence studies. We support OEMs to gain entry or grow their market share in different African markets.

We achieve this through our channel partner programme. We work collaboratively with OEMs to identify and secure suitable channel partners in desired African markets across the electricity generation, transmission and distribution value chains.

Our programme aims to support and accelerate the participation of women-led and women-owned companies across the electricity generation, transmission and distribution value chains. Thus we encourage entrepreneurs that want to scale their business across the energy and power value chains to participate in this programme.

Our channel partner programme help OEMs to increase gender equity in their channel partner programme and increase their business development footprint.

We have two streams of participation to chose from. OEMs can also elect to participate in streams of the programme. Stream 1 is limited to products designated for local content by the dtci, stream 2 covers OEMs existing channel partner programmes, including areas outside of the local content designation

A partnership with the

South African Electrotechnical
Export Council

This programme focuses on specific products, services, solutions and systems technologies that are designated for local content by the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (dtic) in South Africa


This programme is an existing channel partner programme and aims to support OEMs to achieve gender equity.