AWEaP President, Ms Bertha Dlamini received the award: South African Institute of Electrical Engineers Woman in Engineering of Year 2019

A new category of the awards, it seeks to recognise an individual for her contribution to promoting and inspiring women in engineering.

Dlamini needs no introduction in the industry as a passionate advocate for the accelerated participation of African women and youth in Africa’s power and energy sector. Using her vast network, she mobilises global stakeholders to work together to break down the barriers for women and young people in the industry. She is currently the President of African Women in Energy and Power (AWEaP). She has also been a strategic advisor to the Association for Municipal Electricity Utilities (AMEU) where she played a critical role in advancing gender mainstreaming in South Africa’s energy sector.

Comments from industry players:

Mr Sicelo Xulu, CEO SAIEEE

We created the award to recognise individuals in the sector that are committed to advance excellence in the profession. Over the years we have experienced and witnessed Ms Dlamini’s personal dedication to supporting young engineers and entrepreneurs, affording them local and international opportunities. Her initiatives continue to avail rare opportunities or professionals and entrepreneurs alike. We are proud to award her this prestigious award, and wish here success in all her future endeavours.

Mr Sisa Njikelana, Advisory Board Member Gen X Theatre Africa

Ever since I was introduced to activities of Gen X I have observed a series of inspiring events.

Both students and employed youth who displayed their talent by presenting their innovations have propelled me to apportion my valuable time to attend the events of Gen X.

Some of the participants have won recognition globally and this was only achieved through efforts by Gen X. Recognition by both government, some of the captains of business and academia has not been unnoticed.

I would even dare say every participant in the Gen X competition events must have been inspired one way or another – a feature that we so much need in a transforming South Africa.

What has to be appreciated is also the value and potential contribution those innovations by the youth will have to our journey to a better South Africa for all.

Of course one can only imagine and hope for a catalytic effect of such achievements to other young people of our beloved country – now and in future.

We congratulate Ms Dlamini on her award. She continues to invest in the advancement of youth in the energy and power sector.

Mr Ernest Sipho Mkhonta – Southern African Power Pool

AWEaP stands for African Women in Energy and Power, and as the title stands, it is an empowerment initiative designed to open opportunities for African women entrepreneurs to participate in energy and power businesses. This initiative was conceptualised by Ms Bertha R Dhlamini while attending Southern African Power Pool management committee functions as a sponsor representative. This idea was borne out of the bare minimum participation of women in the different structures of the SAPP and this was measured as projection of women participation in energy and power in broader society. The initiative is designed to remove the stereotype and male dominance in the sector. The scope for the initiative is open to all businesses that directly or indirectly involved in the energy industry.

Gen-X is also another initiative by Bertha Dlamini to encourage youth participation in the energy and power industry. It serves as a platform for the youth who have not been selected in mainstream conferences to showcase their talents and projects. This initiative has been going on for more than five years and has provided scores of youth exposure to potential employers or partners in business. The continent should be grateful to have people of Bertha’s quality.