The President of AWEaP: Ms Bertha Dlamini, recently made a contribution to the UK-Canada Nuclear Energy Summit held in London on 5 March 2020.

“From one side, there’s always the potential for new businesses and new jobs for women, whether it’s in particular in the energy sector or even in the supporting businesses around it.”
- Ruba A. Al-Zu’bi, Jordan

At AWEaP ( we are committed to working with multiple stakeholders in the Energy and Power sector, to disclose new and possible entrepreneurial worlds for Women Entrepreneurs. As governments consider diversifying their energy mix, in their pursuit for accelerated electrification on the continent, we want to collaborate with technology companies to prepare women to take advantage of emerging entrepreneurial opportunities.

It was a pleasure working with Energy for Humanity. We are delighted to join a number of civil society organisations as we call on governments to consider all forms of energy sources for universal access to energy in Africa.

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