Tech Entrepreneur (AI, Blockchain, IOT) 


John is a tech entrepreneur, business growth and market acquisition executive, who has successfully delivered multi million dollar global initiatives and projects on & offline for over 15 years, in the UK, Europe and EMEA. He has a solid understanding of the importance of securing profit and client satisfaction on budgets– with strong strength on ROI. 

Over the past 3 years he has been heavily involved in the tech and start-up space in Africa. This has included a number of Blockchain projects.

He is a regular speaker at various summits in Africa (Blockchain, AI, Gaming and Trade), and also an advisory team member of a few ICO’s in Europe and Africa.

He is also heavily involved in digital e-commerce, and intra Africa trade projects on the block chain and has experience in the business objective side of Block-Chain and is currently working on setting up the  Block-Chain Centre for Excellence in a number of African countries in Partnership with various hubs in Africa. 

John is currently a founding member of Jamborow an AI driven financial platform solving the problems of financial inclusion in West and East Africa.   

He is also co-founder of Afrimart  the Intra-Africa trade platform focus on using AI to drive match making trade across the continent. 

John is a City AI Ambassador for Nairobi and Lagos tasked with the goal of developing the AI community in those cities.  As well as the African Ambassador for the cryptochain university.