South Africa


Social Impact Professional Engineer 


Sibulele Mvana is an engineering professional with more than 12 years of executive experience in the Energy sector. She holds a BSc from the University of Cape Town, Management Development Programme from Stellenbosch University, Executive Development Programme from Henley Business School and a Management of Business Administration from Stellenbosch University. She has served on the various Boards including the Eskom Pension and Provident Fund, Empower a Thousand Investments and Power Matla-SGB Transformers.

Her career started at Eskom where she technical expertise were focussed on the operations and maintenance of Transmission and Distribution Assets. As the General Manager of Northern Cape Province and then Eastern Cape Province, she was accountable for the safety of > 2300 employees, all stakeholder engagements within the Province (internal and external), gazetting and implementation of electrification programmes, recovery of major electricity incidents in the Province, Budgeting and Financial health of the Province, setting the strategic direction of the Province and ensuring alignment of all team members to the Organisational imperatives. 

In South Africa, she has managed and executed projects (maintenance, refurbishment, upgrades) in 7 of the 9 Provinces and has established various departments in Eskom. The highlights of her career at Eskom include representing Eskom whilst doing international wires (Transmission and Distribution) performance benchmarking in the US and Brazil, awards for Excellence for projects like the 2010 Soccer World Cup, Commissioning of Tafelbaai Substation,  appointment as Chief Mentor for the Distribution Division, accolades for top performing province, Provincial champion/lead for Eskom Woman Advancement Programme (EWAP). 

She joined Aurecon in May 2017 as the Energy Unit Leader where her main objectives were transformation of the team, implementing turn around strategies for financial and project performance, business development on the African continent, resource management including upskilling the team to required levels. Her career highlights Aurecon include sourcing and retaining black talent in the Organisation, Increasing the number of ECSA Registered Professionals, implementation of turn around plans for 11 projects, business development in the following countries Australia, Philippines, Kenya, Zambia, Uganda and Namibia. Additional successes include restructuring of the Energy team (more leveraging) and establishing industry related focus areas, financial stability of the Unit, nominated as the Employment Equity champion, and playing an advisory role to different utilities and municipalities on the African continent.

Sibu is an ECSA volunteer assessor and mentors and coaches’ young professionals in Sector. She is fascinated by the role technology can play in the Energy sector and has strived to ensure the integration of new technologies in projects. She has developed keen interest in fibre deployment for one reason: To reduce the digital divide in our society. She believes that access to information and knowledge sharing are corner stones to empowerment and therefore when societies are given access to information, through open source networks.

Sibul is passionate about the development of young people and supports initiatives that enable her to empower others.