The Volunteer Program aims to improve the lives of women, people with disabilities, and youth throughout Africa.

AWEaP’s Volunteer Programme is a new initiative that invites ordinary citizens to contribute ideas, use their skills and talents to improve the lives of women, youth and persons with disabilities to gain access to opportunities in Africa’s energy and power sector.

We are establishing a global network of volunteers who will play a critical role in achieving this audacious goal.

When communities take the time to collaborate for the greater good, the results are tangible and long-lasting. Local knowledge and networks, combined with the skills, energy and stories from the AWEaP volunteer network, will form a powerful force for change.

This combination of people and resources is critical to maximizing the impact towards an inclusive energy ecosystem and a gender conscious Just Energy Transition programme.

Why do we require volunteers?

We recruit volunteers to afford ordinary people who wish to contribute towards our mission

to accelerate and support women’s participation in Africa’s Energy and power sector. We conceptualize and execute programmes that unveil entrepreneurial opportunities across the multiple electricity value chains.

What does it mean to be an AWEaP volunteer?

You commit to participate as a project resource in one or more of AWEaP’s programmes, in South Africa and other markets.

An opportunity to actively participate in setting the agenda for women, people with disabilities, and youth in Africa’s Energy and Power Sector.

An excellent opportunity to learn about Africa’s Energy Ecosystem and its role players.

An opportunity to create new interventions, and help implement development-oriented energy and power programmes.

  • AWEaP Channel Partner Programme
  • AWEaP Webinar Series
  • AWEaP Jet Skills Development Programme
  • AWEaP Quarterly Newsletter
  • AWEaP Membership programme and campaign
  • AWEaP PR
  • AWEaP participation in local, regional and international events
  • AWEaP Content generation: research across multiple energy value chains to identify opportunities for mainstreaming gender, youth and persons with disabilities


AWEaP  expects

the following:


African Women in Energy is aware that the right to privacy is essential to providing services. AWEaP has a policy of keeping all communications, observations, and information concerning its clients, their families, staff, volunteers, and taskforce/commission members secret.  The AWEaP confidentiality policy must be understood, followed, and upheld by all employees and individual clients who receive or seek services. Receipts for signed confidentiality agreements must be kept at the offices.

In its working environment, African Women in Energy aspires to honesty, dependability, and reliability. AWEaP strives to hold itself to a higher standard and continually upholds moral standards. Volunteers are expected to work with integrity respect and transparency at all times.
Work Ethic

In any setting, AWEaP constantly promotes ethical workplace conduct, and respect for others is a key element. It aims to create  a supportive environment where employees feel comfortable with raising questions and concerns, and responding to these questions and concerns appropriately and timely. AWEaP understands that everyone needs to be treated with respect, privacy, equality, opportunity, and empathy. Moreover, acknowledging the value of diversity and the right of all points of view to be heard and considered. Fostering a positive work environment where only legal, ethical and appropriate behaviors are acceptable.

We do not micro manage our team members. We expect everyone to be a self-starter, and to exercise discipline and thoroughness in their work.

Encourage employee ownership inside the organisation and hold staff and others accountable for their actions. AWEaP explaining the significance of ethically acceptable business operations on a regular basis and discussing the implications of business actions for moral and legal issues. Furthermore, AWEaP understands the significance of ethically acceptable business operations on a regular basis and discussing the implications of business actions for moral and legal issues

At AWEaP it’s important to work with partners who share our values and business philosophy. We anticipate that these business partners will read, comprehend, and adhere to the guidelines in Creative’s global supplier code of conduct. Moreover, leading by example and modeling appropriate behaviours that are consistent with Creative’s values.

Research and Referencing
AWEaP is dedicated to conducting fair and impartial research using reliable sources. Honesty, objectivity, care, openness, respect for intellectual property, confidentiality, responsible publications, responsible mentoring, respect for colleagues, social responsibility, non-discrimination, animal welfare, and protection of human subjects are all values that AWEaP aspires to. It also works to eliminate all forms of bias.

We are a people company at AWEaP. We assist individuals all around Africa in realising the constructive change they long for. Our foundation is relationships and a firm commitment to ideals. High moral standards and exceptional performance go hand in hand with this objective; how we do something is just as essential as what we accomplish. We are also committed to team-building exercises and social gatherings.


AWEaP will issue a contract for the duration of the volunteering assignment.

To volunteer to work and collaborate with AWEaP as we expand our reach in Africa please submit your detailed CV and area you wish to participate in. A motivation to volunteer including the capacity you have to deliver on the area you have selected.