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Creating a cohort of women entrepreneurs in the energy sector enables partnerships to forge, consortiums to be built across countries, ensuring that women are better positioned to participate in cross-border power/ energy projects.

Women entrepreneurs in Power and Energy also have deep insights into their respective markets.

The Entrepreneurial Accelerator brings diverse experiences and contexts to a forum where peers can explore pragmatic solutions for their respective countries.

It provides a dynamic platform for building lifelong networks for continued information sharing and collaboration.

“Women have the appetite, resilience and fortitude to participate as entrepreneurs in the African Energy Sector”
Bertha Dlamini – President AWEaP

AWEaP has a strategic relationship with ALX

(https://www.alx.app/) where the Entrepreneurial Accelerator for women entrepreneurs in energy and power will be delivered. ALX is a community connecting entrepreneurial leaders and innovative problem solvers in a Pan-African network unlike anything that exists today. ALX is unlocking the potential of Africa’s greatest resource: it’s people.

We encourage women entrepreneurs to express their interest to participate by emailing us at: info@ritogroup.africa

Our annual target is 100 women entrepreneurs from 22 African Markets as illustrated below.

Photo credit: Power Africa
Photo credit: Power Africa

The Entrepreneurial Accelerator is a platform envisioned to empower women entrepreneurs in energy and power with information and tools to enhance and entrench their participation in the sector. It is a platform where women walk in as 1 woman, finish the accelerator with:

  1. 99 contacts of women entrepreneurs in Energy and Power from 22 women entrepreneurs;
  2. Multiple Electricity Utility presentations on project pipelines for the next 3-5 years or more;
  3. Prospective opportunity pipeline based on these presentations;
  4. A prospective finance partner;
  5. A prospective legal advisor/ firm;
  6. Credible information on the Energy and Power Sector from a diverse range of players
  7. An opportunity to be channel partners of technologies aligned with Utility project presentations.
Master classes
will be delivered by the

following stakeholders


For more information email: info@ritogroup.africa