14 October 2021

 Exploring entrepreneurial opportunities in the power sector 

Our part 4 webinar brought industry stakeholders together to share insights into developments into South Africa’s power sector.

City of Ekurhuleni shared the municipality’s renewable energy strategy as part of its electrification programme.

Siemens South Africa gave an inspiring presentation on the future of technology in the energy and power sector.

Given developments in South Africa’s energy and power sector, especially the positive policy changes, it was important that we bring a perspective from the Independent Power Producer Market.

The South African Independent Power Producer Association shared insights into the sector highlighting entrepreneurial opportunities that exists in the IPP space.

Womanomics Africa, is an associate business organisation that focuses on the participation of women entrepreneurs across multiple values chains in Africa. It was beneficial to have them present the organisation, and their value proposition.

Follow the links for the presentation and the webinar.

2021_AWEaP_webinar 4 Stage graphic

Speakers at the webinar were:




Ms. Bertha Dlamini

Access to Market: Utility

City of Ekurhuleni:
Ms. Punkie Majola

Access to Market: Utility

Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan: 
Ms. Angel Lusawana

Access to Technology: OEM

Siemens Africa:
Ms. Rita Nkuhlu

Access to Market: IPP

Jeka Energy:
Mr. Thembani Marhanele

Access to networks: Industry Organisation

Ms. Heather Griffiths

Access to networks: Industry Organisation

Womanomics Africa:
Ms. Lebo Biko

We encourage you to do the following:

  1. Visit our YouTube channel
  2. Watch previous webinars
  3. Take notes from the presentations given
  4. Note the tips shared on how you can gain entry into the energy and power sector as an entrepreneur
  5. Note programmes in place to address some of the barriers:
    1. Access to market
    2. Access to skills development
    3. Access to finance
    4. Access to technology
  6. Download presentations and listen to the recorded webinar again
  7. Follow through by: visiting websites and taking the initiative to build the network necessary to enable your participation.


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