A growing number of women are looking at the solar energy sector for entrepreneurial opportunities. In addition to its numerous entrepreneurial opportunities, the solar technology field is attractive because it provides meaningful opportunities to build economically and environmentally sustainable societies. The use of renewable energy contributes to clean energy transitions, sustainable development and creation of new employment opportunities.

The integration of renewable energy comes with new value chains and opportunities for localisation. With an unemployment rate at over 30% in South Africa, this sector affords the country an opportunity to create an inclusive energy and power sector. Women remain grossly underrepresented across the full value chains of energy and power in South Africa, the continent and the globe.

As countries gear up to achieve net-zero emissions in years to come, both public and private sector organisations will be looking for novel and cost efficient solutions to their energy demands. These emerging opportunities demand that there is a pool of competent suppliers. It is thus opportune for all stakeholders to work collaboratively to ensure that no one is left behind during this transition.

The Just Energy Transition will be success when societies are integrated into the energy and power ecosystem, ensuring equitable participation by all.

This is the reason we have created information sharing platforms for the sector in the form of webinars. We invite leaders in the energy and power sector to share information on developments, opportunities and strategies so that women entrepreneurs interested to participate in the sector can identify suitable opportunities to pursue.

Our series of webinars aim to disclose new entrepreneurial worlds to women entrepreneurs.

Are you:

Woman Entrepreneur who wants to diversify their business interest in the energy and power sector No participation yet

Woman Entrepreneur who is fairly new in the energy and power sector and wants to expand or diversify focus areas in the sector (1- 3 years)

Woman Entrepreneur who has been in the sector for more than 5 years and want to entrench their position in the sector

Thought provoking panel discussion

Included in each webinar is a thought provoking panel discussion with industry leaders on challenges, opportunities and strategies to crack the market. Leaders will be debating challenges, opportunities, resources and what it takes to navigate the complex sector and secure opportunities for sustained growth.

Join to listen to leading stakeholders share their insights on the following areas:

Technology Company:

1. Trends in utility technology – local context

2. What South African Utilities need

3. Enterprise development programmes

4. Channel partner programmes

Finance Institution:

1. Trends in SMME funding

2. Trends in Energy Project Funding

3. The intersection between energy project funding, utility project funding and SMME funding

4. Support available for SMMEs

5. Support available for Black women owned enterprises

Renewable Energy Organisations:

1. Renewable Energy Trends Globally

2. Renewable Energy Developments, challenges and opportunities in South Africa

3. Entrepreneurial Opportunities for Women SMMEs

4. Funding for renewable energy projects, challenges, lessons and hopes

5. Channel partnership in renewable energy projects and products

Join us as we enable Women Entrepreneurs to gain a good understanding of the electricity sector in South Africa: Its structure; Stakeholders; Suppliers; Policies and regulations; prevailing technologies; electrifications gaps; and the state of existing electricity grid network infrastructure.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us: info@ritogroup.africa

Our webinar series is funded by  the Women’s Voice and Leadership (WVL) SA Fund.

Part 2 - 22 June 2021

Participating in the energy and power sector as a start-up energy company requires that you gain knowledge into how the sector procures products, services, solutions and systems.

Join us on the 22 June at 12h00 for a conversation on the following topics:

Electricity Utility opportunities and procurement: The electricity sector is going through a transition. Every transition brings with it entrepreneurial opportunities. In this conversation we explore opportunities and how to follow procurement processes and policies to increase your success chances.

Power and Energy: Original Equipment Manufacturers: South Africa’s transition into clean energy technologies such as wind, solar, waste and other combinations of clean energy means that there is an increasing demand of products, solutions and systems from multi-national companies. In this conversation we explore how start up power and energy companies can work collaboratively with OEMs to capture emerging opportunities.

Developing a renewable energy project: The Integrated Resources Plan (IRP) is the key electricity policy planning instrument of government. Recently there has been the Risk-Mitigation Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (RMIPPPP) and the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Program (REIPPPP) Bid Window 5. The REIPPP Bid Window 5 seeks to procure 1 GW of PV and 1.6 GW of wind power. Many entrepreneurs are wondering how they can participate in these opportunities. In this conversation we explore where you can access consulting support as you develop your energy project.

Access to finance is a challenge for any entrepreneur especially for a high capital intensive sector like energy. In this conversation we look at finance for energy projects.

Join us as we find answers to the most energy entrepreneur challenges.

Part 1 - 20 May 2021