Webinar Series 2020 Part 2

Webinar: Exploring Entrepreneurial Opportunities in the Power and Energy Sector, Gauteng, South Africa Part 2

4 December 2020, 12h00 – 13h30 GMT+2

Our first webinar of this series was attended by over 100 delegates. Click here to see the report.

In the energy and power sector, we believe that unless women know what entrepreneurial opportunities exists in the sector, they will not be able to 1) opt to participate in the sector, 2) choose an areas of focus, 3) align themselves with the relevant actors in the ecosystem; 4) access credible market information 5) organise themselves to participate effectively and sustainably.

Our series of webinars aim to disclose new entrepreneurial worlds to women entrepreneurs.

Are you:

Are you:

Woman Entrepreneur who wants to diversify their business interest in the energy and power sector No participation yet

Woman Entrepreneur who is fairly new in the energy and power sector and wants to expand or diversify focus areas in the sector (1- 3 years)

Woman Entrepreneur who has been in the sector for more than 5 years and want to entrench their position in the sector

Then join us on the 4 December 2020

This webinar series is set to capture the growing number of female entrepreneurs who want to participate across the value chains of energy generation, transmission and distribution and not in the periphery of the sector.

Come and listen to leading stakeholders share their insights on the following areas:

Technology Company:

1. Trends in utility technology – local context

2. What South African Utilities need

3. Enterprise development programmes

4. Channel partner programmes

Finance Institution:

1. Trends in SMME funding

2. Trends in Energy Project Funding

3. The intersection between energy project funding, utility project funding and SMME funding

4. Support available for SMMEs

5. Support available for Black women owned enterprises

Renewable Energy Organisations:

1. Renewable Energy Trends Globally

2. Renewable Energy Developments, challenges and opportunities in South Africa

3. Entrepreneurial Opportunities for Women SMMEs

4. Funding for renewable energy projects, challenges, lessons and hopes

5. Channel partnership in renewable energy projects and products

Join us as we enable Women Entrepreneurs to gain a good understanding of the electricity sector in South Africa: Its structure; Stakeholders; Suppliers; Policies and regulations; prevailing technologies; electrifications gaps; and the state of existing electricity grid network infrastructure.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us: info@ritogroup.africa

Our webinar series is funded by  the Women’s Voice and Leadership (WVL) SA Fund.

Webinar Series 2020 Part 1