Expo & Summit

31 August 2023 – 2 September 2023
Istanbul, Turkey

Solar+Storage NX and NextGen Mobility Fair and Congress

31 August 2023 – 2 September 2023
Istanbul, Turkey

We are thrilled to announce the launch of first B2B mission which will empower African women entrepreneurs in the energy sector through a transformative partnership between African Women in Energy and Power (AWEaP) and Solis Hub, a leading energy event organiser in the vibrant nation of Turkey. This groundbreaking project will pave the way for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and business opportunities, creating a bridge between African women entrepreneurs and Turkey’s dynamic energy ecosystem.

“Africa present a plethora of opportunities for global technology companies to partner with local entrepreneurs to deliver energy solutions. Through these partnerships, AWEaP believes that there will be coordinated skills transference, access to market, technology and finance for African SMMEs.”

Ms Bertha Dlamini
Founding President AWEaP

The first leg of this visionary project will take place in Turkey, a nation renowned for its remarkable strides in the energy sector and its eagerness to foster international collaborations. This vibrant hub of innovation, investment, and technological advancements provides an ideal backdrop for African women entrepreneurs to discover existing and emerging technologies sought after by large power users and electricity utilities. It offers an invaluable opportunity for them to engage with Turkey’s diverse energy industry players, including renowned companies, government agencies, research institutions, and prominent industry experts.

Through this project, African women entrepreneurs will gain access to a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and networking opportunities in Turkey’s energy ecosystem. The launch event will comprise a series of conferences, workshops, and interactive sessions designed to empower participants with the latest insights, best practices, and market trends. They will have the chance to explore innovative renewable and non-renewable energy technologies, land gain valuable insights into possible investment opportunities.

Moreover, this project represents a unique opportunity for Turkish technology companies and investors to strengthen their ties with Africa through partnerships with women entrepreneurs in Africa’s energy ecosystem.

South Africa
Bertha Dlamini

Ms. Bertha Dlamini

Acting AWEaP Country Chairperson


Ms. Sarah Mbwaya

AWEaP Country Chairperson
Aspectus Limited
SECTOR: Renewable energy
Electrical & Electronics Engineer and Solar Energy Expert


Ms. Nambula Kachumi

AWEaP Country Chairperson
Women’s Entrepreneurship Access Center (WEAC)
SECTOR: Energy

Cátia Estefânia

Cátia Estefânia P. Dique

AWEaP Country Chairperson
Ndawas Green
SECTOR: Consulltant and energy
Manager of the company, Consulting in natural resource management

Segakweng Tsiane

Ms. Segakweng Tsiane

AWEaP Country Chairperson
SECTOR: Consultant
Founder, MD and Lead Consultant


Dr. Constance van Zuydam

AWEaP Country Chairperson
Eswatini Electricity Company
SECTOR: Consulltant and energy


Ms. Myriam Sallemi

AWEaP Country Chairperson
ZNshine Solar
SECTOR: Consulltant and energy

By opening its doors to African women entrepreneurs, Turkey will not only contribute to their empowerment but also create an environment for fostering mutually beneficial partnerships and driving sustainable development. The project aligns perfectly with Turkey’s commitment to international cooperation, economic growth, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Africa, with its abundant renewable energy resources and evolving energy landscape, presents immense potential for sustainable development and clean energy adoption. Recognizing the pivotal role that African women entrepreneurs can play in shaping this transformative energy transition, AWEaP has taken the lead in fostering their empowerment. Partnering with global event organizers, AWEaP has crafted a platform for African women entrepreneurs to learn, connect, and thrive in the energy and power sector.

“Gender equality is not only a moral imperative but also a business imperative.”

Rose Rwabuhihi
Head of the Chief Gender Monitor