As the energy landscape undergoes significant transformations, it is imperative for community leaders to grasp the complexities of these changes and their implications for their communities. The African Women in Energy and Power (AWEaP) Just Energy Transition Skills Development Programme for Community Leaders aims to equip these leaders with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the evolving energy policies and participate effectively in the country’s energy transition journey. This programme provides a comprehensive curriculum designed to address pertinent questions surrounding the Just Energy Transition (JET) and its relevance to local environments. By exploring topics such as the drivers of energy transition in South Africa, community leaders gain insights into the policy frameworks shaping energy development and learn how to leverage these insights to design tailored JET strategies for their communities.

Through an in-depth exploration of the socio-economic benefits of the JET, community leaders discover opportunities to stimulate economic activity within their communities and promote inclusive growth. Moreover, the programme emphasizes the importance of community engagement in shaping the energy transition discourse, empowering leaders to facilitate meaningful dialogues and foster collaboration among stakeholders. By focusing on key demographic groups such as women, unemployed individuals, and persons living with disabilities, the curriculum underscores the potential of the JET to create job opportunities and entrepreneurial ventures that contribute to community development and empowerment. Overall, the AWEaP Just Energy Transition Skills Development Programme for Community Leaders serves as a catalyst for informed decision-making and proactive engagement in South Africa’s energy transition journey, ensuring that communities play a central role in shaping a sustainable and inclusive energy future.

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