The energy sector is undergoing a profound transformation as nations worldwide strive to transition to more sustainable and equitable energy systems. In South Africa, this transition is known as the Just Energy Transition (JET), and it presents both challenges and opportunities for utility officials tasked with managing the energy infrastructure and services. Recognizing the critical role of utility officials in driving the JET agenda forward, the African Women in Energy and Power (AWEaP) has developed the Just Energy Transition Skills Development Programme tailored specifically for these professionals.

This programme is designed to equip utility officials with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of the JET and seize opportunities for innovation and inclusivity within their organizations. Through a comprehensive curriculum, participants will delve into key aspects of the JET, including its conceptual framework, relevance to their specific environments, and strategies for designing and implementing JET initiatives within their organizations. By addressing fundamental questions surrounding the JET, such as its applicability to their operational context and its potential benefits for their organizations, utility officials will gain a deeper understanding of how to leverage the transition to drive socio-economic development and inclusivity.

Moreover, the programme will explore practical approaches for stimulating micro-economies within the jurisdictions served by utility officials, thereby fostering local economic growth and resilience. Participants will also learn how to integrate gender mainstreaming, youth empowerment, and disability inclusion into their organization’s procurement plans and budgets, aligning with broader socio-economic development goals. Additionally, the programme will provide insights into facilitating operational change to align with organizational JET ambitions, empowering utility officials to lead transformative initiatives within their respective organizations. Overall, the AWEaP Just Energy Transition Skills Development Programme for Utility Officials aims to empower these professionals to champion sustainable and inclusive energy transitions that benefit both their organizations and the communities they serve.

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