22 June 2021

Advancing and supporting the participation of women entrepreneurs in the Energy and Power Sector, Part 2

To succeed in and energy and power sector, you need to invest time to do the following:

  1. Study the sector and its players
  2. Through this identify the ecosystem of players
  3. Define your value proposition clearly
  4. Start building relationships with players in the ecosystem

This is an example of an ecosystem at its players:


Our speakers shared insights on how entrepreneurs in the energy and power sector should build strong working relationships with Original Equipment Manufacturers, Project Developers and EPCs (Engineering, Procurement and Construction companies).

If you are developing projects in the renewable energy sector and need consulting support, the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy has a support for you.  Download  their presentation below and learn more.

Private Finance Advisory Network also has support from projects in the renewable energy space that are at varying levels of development. Check out their presentation.

Nedbank has support entrepreneurs with project financing, their presentation is insightful.
General Electric has a comprehensive Inclusion Programme, their presentation illuminated possible entrepreneurial opportunities across the full project development value chain.

We encourage you to invest time to download presentations and listen to the speakers on our YouTube channel.


Speakers at the webinar were:




AWEaP: Bertha Dlamini

Department of Mineral Resources and Energy

DMER: Ms. Elizabeth Marabwa

Access to Finance

Africa Business Group

PFAN in South Africa, Eswatini and Lesotho: Mr. Michael Sudarkasa

Technology company: OEM

General Electric: Ms. Nosizwe Dlengezele

Access  to  Market

Specialist Procurement Compliance:

Dr. Ellsworth  Jonathan

Access to Finance

Nedbank: Ms Dhireshni Chowthee

We encourage you to do the following:

  1. Visit our YouTube channel
  2. Watch previous webinars
  3. Take notes from the presentations given
  4. Note the tips shared on how you can gain entry into the energy and power sector as an entrepreneur
  5. Note programmes in place to address some of the barriers:
    1. Access to market
    2. Access to skills development
    3. Access to finance
    4. Access to technology
  6. Download presentations and listen to the recorded webinar again
  7. Follow through by: visiting websites and taking the initiative to build the network necessary to enable your participation


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